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Experienced Traders: help me put my early results in perspective, please?

I'm up almost 20% in one week, without ever risking more than 5-6% of my account balance on any single trade. I'm sure this is unsustainable, but is it possible I could average 5%/week over time?
Background: I have spent much of the last decade playing poker professionally, so I am way more experienced with short-term, high pressure, real-time investment decisions than the average n00b forex trader. I read a book on forex and opened a practice account, which I traded successfully for a month before going live.
The strategy i developed is pretty simple:
-I started with $500 and only trade 10k lots. My plan is to move up to 20k lots when (if?) I hit $1k, 30k lots at $1500 etc.
-I only trade the EUUSD.
-I hold positions for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.
-When euusd is moving back and forth within a fairly narrow trading range (10-15 pips), I wait for it to approach the top or bottom of the range and then jump in to catch the rebound.
-If I am right, I cash out quickly and take my 3-5 pips and then wait for the next set-up.
-If I am wrong and find myself sitting between 5 and 10 pips in the negative, I consult longer timeframe charts to decide whether to kill the trade and cut my losses, or risk another 10-15 pips if I think I just entered too soon and will get it back on the rebound.
-If I do choose to hold on once I'm down 10 pips, I cash out as soon as a spike in the right direction gets me even on that trade or just slightly ahead. Sometimes I'll cash out a few pips down if it looks like my rebound is petering out and down a few pips is as close Im gonna get for that trade.
-If I hold on and it keeps moving against me, I cut my losses at 20-25 pips. At that point the premise of my set-up (that we're range-bound) is no longer valid.
-I steadfastly resist the temptation to add a second 10k to a losing position in an attempt to dollar cost average my way back out of the hole (this was the move that got me in trouble my first week of practice trading)
-I close out any short-term positions as the hour when Tokyo, New York, or London begins trading approaches, since this often leads to bigger swings that I cannot predict without better fundmanetals.
-When the market is not moving in a predictable range, I sit out and wait for it to either settle (at which point I start short-term scalping again), or make a big move in one direction.
-When it swings big (30 pips+ in less than an hour, 80 pips+ over a few hours) I wait for the breakout to stall, then jump in to try and catch the rebound. I'll set a limit at around 50% retracement(basically a fibonacci target with a substantial margin of error). I'll set my stop loss at around 30 pips, generally aiming about 5 pips beyond where the charts show the next big resistance level to be located. I'm willing to risk a few extra pips to decrease the chances that I will get stopped out on a spike that tests just at or just beyond the likely resistance point before failing.
I can easily spot a big potential flaw in my approach: my losses are 2-4x the size of my wins, forcing me to be right a big % of the time to stay profitable. Just 2-3 blown trades in a row will eat all the profit of a bunch of wins. That said, I've had 51 winners averaging 4.5 pips against 11 losers averaging 11.4 pips, since I started trading real money. These figures are only slightly better than my averages over 250 practice trades.
I strongly suspect that I am running over variance, and I can easily compute that if I flip only one trade each day from winner to loser, I finish the week up 25 pips instead of 100. But even that average would make me rich in a couple years. Frankly, picking off five pips a day seems way easier than beating poker games.
What am I missing??
TL;DR: Worried I've just had beginner's luck and I am about to get stomped
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